About the angel training program.

New Nordic Lift Off provides many benefits both for newcomers and experienced angels. Not only does it help you to create new connections, while scouting some of the most promising high tech Startups, the program also enhances your skillset in angel investing through high-quality angel training!

The high-quality lead angel training that we provide for the program consist of all the necessary learnings that you need as a leader of a cross-border syndicate. Develop your post-investment leadership skills, widen your international network and learn how to facilitate cross border investments.

By participating in this program, you’ll get the opportunity to be part of our cross-border syndicate investment journey. This journey is divided into four rounds. At the end of each round, syndicate members have the opportunity to invest in carefully evaluated high-tech startups.

If this did not spark your curiosity yet – keep on reading: For every program participant we will provide free access to our recently updated online education training called ‘Lead Angel Track’. By combining the forces, FiBAN and EstBAN will take you and your fellow syndicate investors to the leading startup events and delegation trips. In combination with these, you’ll get to attend high-quality angel trainings.

Show up your interest to join the program and write us a letter.