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New Nordic Leads is a training program that boosts cross-border investments by improving startups’ investment readiness and educating the next generation of lead angels in the Baltics. The program is put together by EstBAN and FiBAN and fueled by Central Baltic Interreg. The startup investment readiness training is coordinated by Civitta.

The project will also focus on stimulating startups’ investment readiness and raising the overall investment knowledge within the sector and building a strong united investment ecosystem between Finland and Estonia.

During this project we’ll form a total of eight syndicate investments that each go through a half-year round consisting of high-quality training. At the end of each round, syndicate members will have the opportunity to invest in the most promising high-tech startups.

To achieve that project training boot camps for startups and investment mentoring will be carried out during the project. The startups will be provided international high-level meetings with investors, VC and corporate partners.

Cross-border investing is also in focus of the project to support regional startups raising capital from international angel syndicate investments to have better cross-region scaling opportunities. In order to build a united strong investment ecosystem, the importance of building relations and sharing experience can not be underestimated. Therefore startups and investors will be taken to regional startup conferences and flagship events where special networking and pitching events will be carried out within the project.

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We collab!

Estonia & Finland partnered up for a more efficient result. Get to know the organisations behind the programme.



  • Estonian Business Angels Network (EstBAN) is an organization for business angels and business angel groups seeking investment opportunities in Estonia and its neighbouring regions. EstBAN purpose and mission is to grow the quantity and quality of seed-stage investments, knowledge of investors and startups as well as building a strong network of investors in Europe.

    EstBAN was established in late 2012 by an active group of business angels who needed a way to come together, share deals and syndicate. As of 2019, EstBAN unites 150 members including associate partners who invest a total of 7-10 million EUR per year. EstBAN members share insights and unite their investment capital, as well as provide knowledge and advice to their portfolio companies. 

    Approximately ¼ of EstBAN investors are international angels, not always based in Estonia but interested in contributing to the local startup ecosystem.

    Visit EstBAN Webpage

  • Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN) is a non-profit association of private investors on a mission to inspire private investments. The network’s three main activities consist of 1. Matchmaking of startup and investors, 2. Sharing of best practices and 3. Representation of the private investors’ interest.

    FiBAN, with its 650+ angel investor members, is one of the largest and most active angel networks in Europe. Annually, FiBAN receives about 800 startup applications, and its members invested in 2019 to 426 companies, out of which 54 were cross-border investments. FiBAN has been one of the first ones to organize international business angel trainings, which are now also available online.

    Visit FiBAN Website